Find the Right ACU Home Mortgage Loan or ACU Home Equity Loan!

For a Home Mortgage Loan or Home Equity Loan, call us today at (972) 494-5328 Home Office, or (417) 881-0482 Springfield, MO branch, or toll free (800) 543-2811 or apply online using the application at the end of this information. (Before applying online, please read the information below.)

On the Home Mortgage Loan Application, check type of loan you are seeking under Loan Purpose. Check conventional and check fixed rate under Loan Information. Also, indicate if loan is to be 5-, 10-, 15-, or 20-year term and if a balloon loan - balloon loans can be amortized over 30 years. Please click here to be taken to ACU's website, next click Real Estate Loans near the bottom of the Home Page, and finally click Home Mortgage Package (includes application) at the very bottom of the screen if you want to fill out the application manually. You need to print the Home Mortgage Package (pdf) to do that.. Some of the documents in the package provide information and others need to be completed, signed, and returned. Or you can click on the red Home Mortgage Online Application if you want the online version.

On the Home Equity Loan Application, check Other for type of loan under Loan Purpose and put Home Equity in area designed to Explain If Other. Please click here to be taken to ACU's website, next click Real Estate Loans near the bottom of the Home Page and finally click Home Equity Package. You need to print the Home Equity Package (includes application). Some of the documents in the package provide information and others need to be completed, signed, and returned. This is if you are looking to fill out the application manually. There is no need to print it if you want to do the online version in which you would just click the Home Equity Online application in red lettering.

ACU offers conventional, fixed rate or balloon real estate loans. ACU does NOT offer VA, FHA, USDA/Rural Housing Service, GPM, or ARM real estate loans. ACU does NOT refinance its own loans.

ACU Services Your Home Loan From Start To Finish!*

At America’s Credit Union (ACU), we know that every home needs a solid foundation. Our real estate professionals can provide just the foundation you need when applying for a home loan, whether it is for a home mortgage loan or a home equity loan. We have the experience to create a plan that is right for you – and the financial strength to help you make it happen from start to finish!

Home Mortgage Loan**

ACU can build you a home mortgage loan that fits your needs and takes the guesswork out of your home purchase or refinance.

We offer highly competitive rates on 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year fixed or balloon first mortgage loans up to $500,000 that can be amortized over 30 years. And, first mortgage jumbo loans are available at slightly higher rates on 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year fixed or balloon loans from $500,000 to $900,000 that can be amortized over 30 years. Please call our Mortgage Department to discuss our current rates @(972) 494-5328 Home Office, (417) 881-0482 Springfield, MO branch or (800) 543-2811 toll free.

But there’s more to a home mortgage loan than rates – check out ACU’s money-saving features.

ACU’s Money-Savings Features

  • No Application Fees.
  • No Discount Points.
  • No Origination Points.
  • No Escrow Fees.
  • No PMI (private mortgage insurance) Requirements.
  • No Prepayment Penalties.
  • Low Closing Costs.
  • Local Decision Making.
  • Quick Approval.

In addition, our down payment requirement on a home mortgage loan can be as low as 5% for owner occupied primary residences. And, our loans are not sold to outside investors and are always serviced in-house with payments made to ACU.

Home Equity Loan***

Make your dreams come true with an ACU home equity loan. Our low rates mean you can get more for your money for decorating, updating, or repairing your home. A home equity loan also can be used for college expenses, new and used vehicles, vacations, and other purposes!

The minimum loan amount is $25,000 and the maximum is 80% of the value of your home in Texas and up to 95% of the value of your home outside of Texas.

On home equity loans, ACU does not charge application fees or prepayment penalties. Most closing costs can be rolled into your home equity loan.

Repayment of a home mortgage loan or a home equity loan is easy with automatic payments from savings or checking.

Also, you can request a home mortgage loan package or home equity loan package today by calling our Home Office at 972-494-5328 or Springfield, MO Office at 417-881-0482. Our 1-800-543-2811 toll-free number also is available.

*All membership accounts, home mortgage loans, and home equity loans are subject to approval. If you are not an ACU member, you will be required to open a membership (savings) account (see below). Once your membership is established you can take advantage of all of the low- or no-cost services of the Credit Union. Normal loan policies apply. Rates and terms may vary upon creditworthiness of applicant. Other limitations and conditions may apply. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. See an ACU office for details. (ACU does not refinance its own loans.)

For those who are not members, becoming one is easy – you simply fill out an application, deposit a minimum of $25 to savings, and provide two pieces of identification (a copy of your driver license, your Social Security card, or another type of identification). ACU does NOT have membership fees.